We don’t just build AML/CTF programs that comply with Australian requirements (and New Zealand, upon request), we also audit them, and provide ongoing liaison on your behalf, with the regulator AUSTRAC.

We also provide wider advice on Financial Crime matters, including the application of Proceeds of Crime legislation.

Have you received a letter from AUSTRAC?  Perhaps you need assistance with enrolment or registration on the Remittance Sector Register.

If you have unwittingly breached the AML/CTF laws, the way you negotiate with AUSTRAC can have a substantial effect on how AUSTRAC responds.

We help clients liaise with AUSTRAC.

How can we help

  • Drafting a response to AUSTRAC investigations and queries
  • Responding to AUSTRAC Notices
  • Acting as a liaison between a client and AUSTRAC
  • Reviewing an AUSTRAC registration and enrolment application
  • Advice on Proceeds of Crime issues

We can also assist you by providing:

  • Industry-specific AML/CTF Program templates and assistance with tailoring the documents
  • AML/CTF advice such as:
    • Whether the Australian AML/CTF laws apply to a client
    • The nature of the client’s AML/CTF obligations and how the client complies with those obligations
    • Assistance with responding to an AUSTRAC investigation
  • An Independent Review of the AML/CTF Program
  • Advising on a breach by a client of the AML/CTF laws

AML/CTF for Beginners

Hear from one of our leading experts in AML/CTF, Naomi Fink, about how the regime applies to financial services businesses – and what needs to happen if you do need to register with AUSTRAC.

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